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> What if there were no hypothetical questions?

> Is there another word for synonym?

> Where do forest rangers go to “get away from it all"?



Go ahead.... ask anything.

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I recall going to a Dali Museum in St Pete around 1988.

With a little Google help Stir, I does appear that there was a Dali museum back in the day. I do know the new museum is brand new and is a much larger venue than anything in the past.


Dali would feel right at home in St. Pete

February 13, 2011|By Josh Noel,Tribune newspapers

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As unlikely as this sun-kissed town is to house the largest Salvador Dali museum outside of Europe, the building in which it was housed for 28 years was even less likely.

I had visited that space only once before but remember it as disjointed and oppositional to Dali's world, where you want to move as freely from painting to painting as the artist did on canvas. Dali takes you on a journey; the dark building, full of odd corners, did not. Now I know why: The old museum was housed in a converted marine storage warehouse.

Fortunately the new $36 million Dali Museum that opened Jan. 11 — 1/11/11 — at 11 a.m. more than cures those ills. The master surrealist has a proper American home.

Set beside a marina along Tampa Bay, the museum is more than twice the size of its predecessor and pays homage to Dali at every turn: from the gift shop to the architecture to the cafe serving serrano ham, manchego cheese and pink cava. It is a free and open space, and, unlike the last museum, full of warm St. Petersburg light.

Yep, my memories of that first museum parallel the description of it above.  Although my own appreciation of art doesn't extend much past the poster of the dogs playing poker, I'm glad the Dali Museum has found a good and proper home.
I'm not real big on art either Stir, but I think this would be just enough "off the wall" for me to appreciate. Last exhibit I saw In St Pete was an extensive collection of Fabrage. Quite impressive!! I also recently saw a collection of the glass artist Chihuly, which was way cool too.

Even though the old one wasn't nearly as big as the present one, it was still there, and I was impressed. It had many of his paintings that I had never seen. I'm still kind of amazed that it is located in St. Pete.

From there we went on the dolphin boat tour. We didn't see any dolphins but  they had some very good Jimmy Buffet songs that I had not previously heard. And it was a nice boat ride around the west side of Tampa Bay. 

We used to also enjoy going to "Sunken Gardens". Is it still there?

There was a big Dali exhibit in Philadelphia a few years ago.

While I appreciate his artistry, I'm not a huge fan... 

He was pretty screwy but I like his art. I know nothing about art BTW but somehow have visited a lot of Art museums. "?"
Ya...He was not your ordinary person by any stretch of the imagination. I have a question...What am I doing here in D's thread talking about Dali? I had to look back at the topic to see what it was about..:}
That's what happens to memory at our age. Don't worry abut it. Just send me the money that you promised. 
Oh ummm......Now I'm going to forget you said that...Some things about getting old are good...:))))
I guess I wanna ask If Robbie is right or if I am.
And the answer is yes.




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