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Weather used to be the most talked abut subject. Is it still? Maybe now that most of the population lives in urban areas we have other things to talk about. Like television. Or same sex Marrage or; I don't know.

I still pay a lot of attention to the weather. partly because I have an awning on my RV that I like to put out so I can leave the door open, or sit under it to read. It can't withstand very much wind.  So I have to put it up if there is a good chance of a storm hitting.

I'm in Florida now and it is raining but the forcast is for very little wind. So, I have the awning out and the door open.

Where are you? Do you pay much attention to the weather forcast? If so, why. 

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In the Seattle area there are so many kinds of weather, I dress in layers, keep an umbrella in the car, wear socks with Crocs and believe it when I see it.  The last week has been warm as it often is here in February, but there is talk of snow next week.  I won't put my winter clothes away until June~~~if then.  My Yak Trax are installed on an extra pair of Merrels, but I haven't used them yet this winter.  When I could, the snow was too deep and when the snow melted it went fast.  I am grateful.

What means most to me is that the days are getting longer.  People in the south don't realize how important that can be.  

I am thankful I got 5 inches in last two weeks.




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