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Tell me about that time you were abducted by aliens.  What was it like?

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Did you crawl up inside the crane game?

No, they are around my apartment in Houston.  One wanted to work for me at farm but wanted $13.00 an hour and I told him the locals are willing to work for $10.00 an hour and kolaches.


I don't remember.  ;-)

I hope that you are able to get therapy so that you can relive every terrifying moment.

All I remember is that one of them reminded me of my second husband.  I had to be careful when I would bend over that one of them was not behind me.  You get my drift?  hehheh


Your second husband would do that?

And you got rid of him?!

The aliens who snatched me were surprised to realize that we are allowed to ignore the reality-series circus that is constantly going all on around us. And that it is an actual culture and a society, and not some sort of mutant-earth species zoo channel, broadcasting 24 hours a day.

They were disappointed in me for having absolutely no interest in whether or not one of their home-planet princesses was cheating on her forty-fifth husband with a kind of six-horned raccoon and a microwave-safe butter dish.




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