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Tell me about that time you were abducted by aliens.  What was it like?

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There was no ladies room and no vending machines.

I don't worry about ever being "abducted".

I was born in 1947, during all the hub bub at Roswell, New Mexico.

Just sayin'......

Do you have your father's tentacles?

A few ladies I dated while in my teens might say the answer to your question is "yes", Slim.

I subsequently did acquire more class, but it was all bad.


Thanks for stopping in, folks.....we'll be here all week long...two shows on Saturday night, two drink minimum.

I tried to avoid eye contact but they didn't have eyes.

So what parts did you make contact with?

Not exactly sure but they did allow me to sun bathe nude on the back deck of their ship.

It wasn't weird at all. I enjoy being probed.

Well who doesn't!

Who blabbed?

It's obvious.  You're not the same person that you were forty years ago. Something must have changed you.

I am surrounded by aliens.





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