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Did you know that jello and other geletins are made from disolved animal hides?

Know wonder I never liked the stuff! If you don't belive me you can google it or go to the

'Straight Dope' site and ask.

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One of the many things that I don't eat is Calimari (don't spell it either). I used too. Then a few years ago i started going out on the fishing boats. You know, the ones called "Head" boats. You pay a fee and they supply everthing you need to fish with, including bait. the bait is mostly thawed calimari. after a short interval it gets really slimy and doesn't smell too good. But, there it sits, in a bucket of it's own slime. If you want to fish, you have to reach in the bucket, pull some stinky, slimy climari out and then try to get it to stay on the hook. Last time out I won the $80 pot for catching the largest legal fish that day. I also saved a lot of money since by not ordering Calimari at the Sea Food resturant.

If it's made right it tastes like chicken.

(So I hear.  I've obviously never had it made right).

I wonder, Do Pastafarians eat pasta?

Well, it would be consistent. 

From Slim up there......

If it's made right it tastes like chicken.

(So I hear. I've obviously never had it made right).

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I'll never know if it tastes like chicken or duck or mud or paint, or hair gel, or motor oil or.....etc, etc, etc,.........


You will never look at a cookbook the same way again.

That's the stuff I grew up with and I still have some cookbooks that look like that.

It doesn't turn me off at all.

I like them better than this:

I believe you. But in very recent times back that was about all I could eat. There was always "chicken broth" too. That I just couldn't do. There's no telling what that was made from. It sure didn't taste like chicken.




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