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as a commentator here nearly since the beginning, I've seen TBD in it's hey day to now, All the politics, and even a bit of it's spiritual side. I've laughed with my favorite the lovely Miss Prunella Farquar, and been kicked by a Kat.

But I have to say that the liberal and the conservative argument here has been the real culprit and show stopper. Never have I seen such a self centered group, bent on winning arguments than the liberal and controlling ones of this site. No I'm not blaming anyone in particular, As I see it no matter who they all are, they all have some blame. As it turns out, TBD has been relegated to the dust bin, for at least indefinately. Who's to say it will recover. Dunno. Do I care? sure I've met a lot of fine people here. most all of them have been run off. by either those in control themselves, or indirectly by the few followers here. I hear there is yet another TBD facsimile site. not sure who runs it. I'm sure I've been told. Just not interested. At some point you've got to give in to the sheer gospel that you have to allow decent of your opinions and open to dialog. few are willing here it would seem.  

How many of you that are left who praised the King Obama. and how he would deliver us from the evil's of Bush. Well. who's cryin now? Dare I say that the leaders of this site need only look into the mirror for it's demise. Failing to listen to your fellow humans is never a good idea. And many times it costs you more than you bargained for.

I'll close with an answer to one of my later, but not so recent posts, I dunno I think I posted it both in my WTP group and on the Main page as a blog or something. Mr. Obama is an Illegal president, we've known this all along. not many would admit it. He most likely will not be a second term president. If he succeeds and a second term it will be more or less as a dictator. as it turns out he's already usurped over half of our bill of rights. So following, with the fact one might point out that the patriot act was a Bush era thing, I simply do not care. There has been absolutely no shift in policy from Bush to Obama to date, or one expected. And a certain Sheriff is not giving up about that Birth Certificate. It will most likely be his demise. Shall we at the very least agree. That no one was entirely right. As it turns out. It has more to do with what we've allowed our government to become than who it is we thought was in control of it. not too different of a rise and fall of TBD. I feel both the Obama presidency, and TBD itself will come to the same demise, at nearly the same time, and for nearly the very same reasons....


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Finally!!!!!   I get it!!!!! Mr. Tool,

You post this unbelievable nonsense just to stir folks up and get them to posting. Very good, sir!!

well, I'm not so sure how UN-believable, or nonsense it is. however, it's working.

there's been a bit of activity here none the less....

I think it's more a case of the recent deluge of gaffes committed by the Republican candidates, and Limbaugh's most recent stupidity, have re-energized the national body politic.And I have some spare time to comment on those things, for a change.

Tool, you need to lay off the caffeine, it's giving you dangerously inflated ideas about your own relevance and impact on national events.

Congress beginning impeachment for Obama....

I will soon be breaking the law offering free food to the homeless in Houston. Next time you come to Houston for some of my kolaches I will need an affidavit from you to make your not homeless. If you are homeless and I give you a kolache or other food I can be fined up to $2000.

sounds ridiculous Aggie, keep up the good work.

Soon you will only be able to feed the homeless in 3 city parks of Houston.


I wonder if religious organizations can get around your ordinance.




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