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Seems that everywhere I look, someone is wanting to let me in on a secret.

The secret to losing 5 lbs a day; The secret that lets you beat the stock market year after year; The secret that Big Oil don't want you to know: The secret way to whiten your teeth that a suburban mom uses; The secret way to build muscle; and on and on.

What is this fascination with secrets? Is it really a secret, how Warren Buffet got rich? How Oprah lost a gazillian pounds?

Have you ever paid anyone to let you in on the secrets to a better life? Have you bought a magazine to find out some secret about a celebrity? To learn how to sleep better?  

Do secrets really sell? Let us in on your secrets.


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"Secrets" is just one way copywriters use to grab the interest of the gullible.

Learning how to be a copywriter has been very instructive for me.

Advertising is just commercial propaganda.

I don't have any secrets.  People never tell me anything.  Do they know something I don't?

I'm not telling.

Uhh, Stir...before I invest (notice I used the word "invest") in your 'secrets" of life will I make more money, or get better looking, grow more hair on my head....got enough every where else, or just feel better knowing I have contributed to your personal wealth????

Well now, if I told you that, Bob, before receiving your payment, that wouldn't make me much of a success, would it?  ;-) 

I do like to color my hair, but if I don't mention that to everyone I meet does that mean I'm keeping it a secret?

I've always wondered at what point does my own personal business become a secret?

All of it is a secret till you post it on the 'net.

*always include pictures*

I have no secrets.

Just some horrifying facts that nobody's figured out the right way to ask me to share them.

What if I say pretty please?

I used to assume my only private time was when I was in the bathroom alone.   I'm starting to question that.

I know where the lady that won the war on static cling lives.




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