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We're studying perceptions in the class I'm taking right now.

How do you think other people percieve you? How do you see yourself?

Do those two opinions contrast or compliment each other?

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Others see me as: Self centered and a little bit goofy

I see me as: A little bit goofy and self centered.

I'm a pretty good judge of people.
I've never seen me as other people do, and it hurts my eyes to turn them around to see myself.
I make it a habit to not look in the mirror too much.
Others see me as smart and funny. I see me as stoopid and droll.
Just today someone told me that I seemed "comfortable in my own skin".
I guess I am. I learned a long time ago that not everyone was going to like me. I accept that so, I am who I am and I'm good with that.

My brother thinks I'm a bitch.
My friend thinks I'm too competent. I should be complimented, I think, but the way she says it leaves me wondering :-)

Beyond that? I don't know. Do we always see ourselves honestly? Are we willing to brag on ourselves and be seen as vain? Are we willing to admit our faults and leave ourselves open for ridicule?
people usually see me as a combination of John Wayne and Pee Wee Herman. Who am I to argue?
I'm one of the ones who likes you Quinn. I don't know why. Maybe for the same reason your brother loves you anyway. :)
My late wife used to ask me, "Why are you such an asshole?" I told it takes talent...everyone has a purpose even if it's to make a bad impression...
I would guess that, while quite a few people wish that they could have strangled me in my crib, at least they don't think that I'm stupid. Insolent, infuriating and obnoxious, yes, but not dumb.

A few people think that I'm funny and enjoy my musical taste. And some of them know from personal experience that they can count on me when they need a hand. My daughter loves me, my fiancee loves me, my dogs love me, and that's good enough for me.
How do I see you, Ms. Dodger? I would LIKE to see you. I find you facinating-- your personality, your values, and your artistic talent. And especially your courage.
Are you surprised?
Is your perception not your reality?
As a wise man once said to me, "That's the nice thing about Reality. Everybody's got one."




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