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the sun is about to set on another saturday and I have yet to feel any sense of accomplishment or adventure. I do however have to the ability to learn through osmosis so how about you telling me about all of your adventures of the day so I have something to imagine in my dreams.

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The grocery store especially perilous this morning. The aisles were filled with indecision and private games of bumper carts going on at every intersection. I was so happy to escape unbruised to an incredibly boring and unproductive day at home.
Four loads of laundry, climbed on the roof and cleaned out the gutters, washed the dishes, ran over to my mom's and did a few things for her, checked out a couple of garage sales, went to Petsmart and loaded up on a couple weeks' worth of dog food, washed one of the dogs, ran another errand, got home about 3:30 and decided to take it easy after that. Watching James Toback's "Tyson" documentary right now.
Cut almost a cord of wood from partially dead tree in front of the house at the farm. The cows were not impressed.
Snagg and SG have exhausted me....
As does driving on the highway....
I've not done diddly by much measure....Made some pretty images from flowers in my yard...patiently watched my kitties wait to beat up on some wayward little kitty by the fence....was exciting for about 3 seconds and the poor little thing made a bee line outta there.
I have no cows to impress...just a pile of dust bunnies *sorry Pru* building up waiting to do me in....
I had a nice breakfast at the greasy spoon this morning, then went across the street to the rib joint to work a few hours. I then stopped at my mother's house to see my visiting bro and SIL and SIL's sister. They decided to go for a hike to Lake Michigan over the State Park trails. I had had enough of standing and walking at the rib joint, so I went home to take a nap instead. Upon arriving home the summer visitors across the street hollered at me, so I went over and visited with them for awhile. I went home and stretched out on the sofa for that long awaited nap, but Jacques Young the cat kept bothering me. I never could go to sleep, so I got back up and went to YoVille (accomplished via computer....its not a real place). My brother then called to advise me they were back from their hike, so I returned to my mother's place, so we could all go out to dinner. We all went to O-Town to the bar with the beautiful view, and had a very nice meal. We returned to my mother's and built a small campfire, and sat around for awhile, before my visiting bro & SIL, mother, and SIL's sister decided to drive over to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset. Meantime, me and my local brother stayed at the campfire and talked....like brothers sometimes do. When the rest of the gang returned, we had cake and ice cream. The fire burned low, and in fact when the family returned from sunset watching they had lost all interest in that activity, and had stayed inside to watch a movie. Local brother and I left the fire, and retired inside, where I said my goodbyes for the evening, and came home. I'm beat.....and am heading for bed now.

I hope that wasn't too much information.
I second that!
Please speak for yourself, Pru. Apparently there are a number of us who are interested in others' tidbits! Go on, BAF......
Sure sounds a lot more enjoyable and exciting than my Saturday.
And Video
Shoot, say it ain't so....




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