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Robbie and Happy getting ready to hit the road again!!!  Happy couldn't get in the jeep fast enough!!!!  LOL

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Yep, Robbie and Happy are back on the road once more... It sure seems strange not to see Robbie on the deck with Larry on their laptops laughing and carrying on... I'm sure gonna miss him... And I'll miss Happy snuggling up against me wanting lots of hugs...

Safe travels my friend!!!
I am so jealous I could kill. Kill a bear, maybe.
I hope to meet them sometime.
Waynesboro VA? I'd say it's a very good possibility LB. You're not a serial killer are ya?
I hope to meet Robbie and Happy sometime, and also you and Lar. By the way, what will Lar do now that Robbie has left? Can he find any mischief to get into without an accomplice?
I'll bet I could Gary. We may have to head to northern Michigan soon. That would be great. It may be a while before Robbie comes on here to play with us since he has no internet or cell phone service at the farm.
Larry, did I tell you I met Oliva Hamilton last week. She is so sweet and beautiful. Picture on my page.
I'm glad you two met. Does she come post here any more? I miss her, I'm headed to your page now.
She posts here very rarely.
She really is beautiful. I always figured she used somebody else's photos on her page and avatar. I thought the odds would be too great for a woman to be so clever and witty and beautiful too.

Give Caleb a big hug, he's pure joy but I suppose most young people are pure joy if you don't have to live with them. :) Our Caleb is living with us now as long as he can keep his grades up in college.
Robbie called from his farm around 8:30pm. He's home relaxing.
I love hearing about fellow TBD-ers meeting.
Here I am. I just came to town to get some vineger to wash the mildew out of my fridge. I forgot to leave the doors open while it was at the re repair shop. Soooooo, I had quite a surprise when I opened it to put some milk in. (:>(

Since Workhorse picked up the repair bill. I too am happy that I broke down there.

However,I could have done without the excitement, and 20 hour day, and following the RV being towed 70 miles in the dark. But other than being in Pittsburg and on hilly, curvy, narrow, back roads in a 20,000 lb vehicle, towing another vehicle while having only three working(I think) brakes, it was a fun trip.




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