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Now I'm wondering....have I started into..................

.............male man-o-paws?


I think I misplaced the memo on when that starts. 


Its 85 degrees here, and I've been wrapped up in a quilt on the sofa for the last two days, just shivering like crazy.


Maybe my system isn't used to eating venison.  Maybe its just a strain of the flu passing through.


I don't seem to have any emotional highs and lows going on here.


I went to the store and bought a 20 oz. Coke, and I'm pounding that down now.  That seems to be helping some.


I dunno, its got me baffled.

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Yeah, I'm also wondering if it might be the curse of Bambi.
Aw, you're always looking out for me, Ms Farquar!
LOL.... How's your insurance Gary, don't know any cheap doctors. :(
Sounds like Gary has the flu.
Write when you sit up.
I think he's been "reading" Playboy Magazine again...
Two days? Maybe you should call your doctor tomorrow. Drink lots of water in the meantime.




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