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Hi, I joined this group some time ago, and I have "email me whenever there's new activity in all my groups" checked in my global teebeedee settings but have never gotten notifications for this group.  I was told that I need to go into each individual group & make sure I have "follow COMMENTS for this group" selected but don't see anywhere in this group to do that, so...???  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Good grief, it's complicated!  Oh well, ning isn't as bad as some sites I've been on, I could tell you such horror stories...thanks, Kooner.

Well, another update, I got into each of my groups, View All Discussions, & chose "Follow---email me when there are new discussions".  But:  that doesn't work becuz as soon as you get out of the group, it reverts back to being UNfollowed.  So I don't know if that's a ningthing or the browser I'm using or what.  But that could explain why some of us aren't getting notifications:  the Follow function (for new discussions) won't stay chosen.

Maybe if I can stand it, I'll try it with different browsers later; we'll see; ning can be kind of funny:  I never could get it to accept my comcast.net email addy, had to set up & use a gmail account; go figure.


Nope, not using the Back arrow; am getting all the way out of the group, going back in to that group, and the Follow function has been UNchosen; tried choosing Follow again, got out of the group, went back in, and Follow has again been UNchosen.  So it won't stay chosen.  So no wonder why some of us arent getting notifs; oh well.

Me too; in fact I had to completely disable 1 ad-block add-on (AdBlockerPlus), played 9 kinds of hell with my browser; so I don't actually have any ad blockers at all.  Plus, I told the browser to allow pop-ups for teebeedee.ning.com, restarted the browser, but still can't save the Follow discussions setting for any of my groups.  Oh well.

When you say "big boss", do you mean EddieDingo, is she the one I would ask about it?




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