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I've been a purging mode today.  Cleaned out some clothes I will never wear again...old or falling in the category of "What was I thinking?".  Next thing to get a going through was the following....
Baskets and bags of yarn and tools and ideas left to sit for years.   The Afgan book is from the early 70's...it cost 75cents.  I don't think I've used it yet..
The embroidery bag contains everything I need to make a cross stitched birth sampler for my son.  It has part of his name on it and his weight....He is now 23.
What projects do you have sitting and waiting....and waiting..and waiting.

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Ours is near Pontiac, too! A beautiful historic home, downtown in a quaint little village. The appraised value has gone from $330,000 3 years ago to $152,000 now. It's so tragic.
OK, Jaylee, I am devoting a minimum of 4 hours today to work on my purging; 6 if trips to look after my mother & visit my former foster dog at the shelter <:-(> don't wear me out.
I'm starting in my BR closet.
As far as purging goes, I've put off getting rid of some old shirts that I don't wear anymore. I usually go through them and think that I might wear them....then a year later I go through that cycle again. Time to get rid of them, I think. I've been saving three pairs of jeans with blown out knees, too. I've already made one pair of cut-offs. Now I can have four. I think I'm reverting back. I like the cut-offs better than the, what I call, preppy shorts.
what's wrong w/jeans w/blown out knees? We're up & down, on our knees all the time in our line of work, Ubu- we ALWAYS have jeans w/blown out knees! (I find mine to be a cool fashion statement ;-p)
That's your story? You're sticking to it?
ummm..... maybe?
In my neck of the woods we wear the whites for that "professional" look. I don't think I've ever wore jeans to paint in. Shorts perhaps on power washing days. I do like to save a pair of blown out jeans for those grungy outside projects.
Yes, well, you know, there is that 'difference' b/t us... you're a 'straight' painter; you guys wear the white painter's uniform. I, on the other hand, not being being a 'straight' painter, wear blue jeans, a tank top & a denim "boyfriend" over-shirt as my uniform, & I'm always covered in rainbow bits of paints & glazes & tints & metallics & plasters. And I blow the knees out of jeans all the time.
I started a painting last August and still haven't finished it.
Also have purging to do myself.....slowly gettin' there though...
I moved from a 3,000sq ft home to a 700sq downstairs flat...I had no furniture to speak of except two side chairs and a bed and a folding table and chair (1). My dresser was a few cardboard boxes and my computer table was two storage bins. Downsizing became rather clarified.
I have access to a lovely back yard that my landlord mows...I take care of the lovelies 'cuz I like to. I don't miss for one minute the big house and all the big work...I did have a wonderful gazebo...miss that.

As far as jeans go....don't own any....

DG...you keep purging....make a clean get away and move on to that new and fresh chapter in your life. Not much sense in letting niggling unfinished projects get in the way....
If we don't use or wear something within a years time....give it to someone else that will..
In some ways I live like I could move tomorrow....Now, why did I buy that fondue set....?
hahaha... good advice Jaylee.

I only wore jeans to work in & nothing else until now. But there's someone.... someone who loves me in jeans.... someone I just can't say no to.... so I'm finding myself in jeans sometimes these days. And to see him smile when he sees me in them.... makes it oh, so worthwhile.

Yeah, I know, I'm a mushhead.




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