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I'm feelin a little guilty and wanted to ask this question.  Have you ever gotten joy out os someone else's sorrow?

I live on a mountain where one family owns most of the property along our little road.  It has been in their family for a very long time and they are mountain people who are rough around the edges.  There are a few of us that own our own little plots of land, but according to that family they think they own everything.  They ride their four wheelers all over my property and let their dogs rn wild.  When the weather gets cool they cut down anyone's trees that they want.  They own lots of guns and will hunt anyone's property and one guy complained about them once to the police and his house suddenly burned down after that.

One of their dogs was mean and picked on my good neighbor's dog, which was tied-up, until it finally killed it.

This morning one of those boys, I think he's about 16 ran over his own mean dog with his ATV.  I heard the boy cussing and saw what had happened.  Looking out of the window, I could only smile.  I felt like justice had been done.

It bothers me that I feel that way, but in a way, I'm okay with it.

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I would have made sure he heard me laughing.

I'm sorry for the dog....wasn't his fault, but not for the idiot on the ATV.

At some point their "edges" need to be smoothed out.

I guess that's what you call Karma.

You live on a mountain?  That sounds cool.

There's an old saying Faye, Pay back's a bitch. Sorry the dog had to pay the bill because I doubt your jerk neighbor will remember that dog next month.

I don't like it when I feel bad thoughts about a person...but once in awhile...you gotta.

When I get feeling hurt, betrayed, shat upon I usually come to the comforting conclusion that I will outlive them.   So there.

But I also embrace the idea that they have their own fate....it will all catch up at some point.   Then I just feel sorry for them.

Some people you get the elevator, some people you get the shaft.

Some people get what they deserve.

it's just too bad that it wasnt the kid that got run over. I feel bad for the dog,

even though you said he was mean.




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