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......"I'm Such a Girl".............................


I've heard some of you ladies quote that phrase from time to time so now I want a definition.......what makes you a "Girl"?

Purse, clothes, hair style, bedroom, pet, shoes....what?

I was told to Google it, but I want to hear it from ya;ll!!!

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Robbie! Nice to see :-)

Good to see you, B A F!
Welcome back Baf.....Great pics.....Hi Robbie

A local radio did a bit yesterday on 30 Things Women Should Stop Doing Once They Reach 30. Perhaps you gentlemen could gain some further insight about our fair gender ;-)


So, after 30 a woman should stop:


1. Buying clothes from the Junior section.

2. Filling your bed with stuffed animals

3. Going to bed without removing your makeup

4. Calling her father "Daddy"

5. Trying to get by on her looks

Geez...I forgot about all that...!

In addition, these are skills every woman should have by age 30:


Send a thoughtful thank you note

Ask for help

Beautifully wrap a gift

Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge

Mix a great cocktail

Take off her bra without removing her shirt

Apply lip gloss in the dark

Balance her check book

Read a map

Hail a cab

Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill

Feign Interest

Miss Q,

Thanks for posting those lists. I have always been a great respector of women, but in my own "later" years I continue to gain more insight and respect. I will raise a glass to you all....

Got it down....since I was 12...just saying.  :->

Not so much the check book part...that's why they invented online banking.

I've never tried the pantyhose thing, but am quite adept at the bra thing.

Feigning interest? Ha...I should teach seminars!


I just want to know where someone can have dinner for $25.00...

Taco Bell....dinner and supper.
We don't have a Taco Bell in our town...and, I think McDonalds would cost more than that...
There's a town without a Taco Bell???




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