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If you could stop all people from doing just one thing, what would it be?

If, with the grant of a single wish, you could change mankind forever, what would you want to change?

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Spitting in public.   That's just nasty. 

That's cause you're a girl. (:>) You probably never even chewed tobacco.

Oh Robbie, now that REALLY is gross. Gag gross.  Little kids learn to spit and think that it's cool. How far can they spit. Can they hit a target. But most of us outgrow it before we hit the teens. Adults hacking loogies on the sidewalk make me want to swat'em with a stick!

I'd stop them from trespassing.  I can't keep my neighbors kids off my property.

I don't want to be the cranky old neighbor, BUT, I have a similar situation. The younger kids next door are a delight, but the older brothers and their friends are a nightmare. I have a stained concrete driveway that they totally ruined last summer. Not the whole driveway, but the sidewalk section has been permanently discolored by them waxing the wheels of their skateboards. The wax is embedded into the concrete and after a year, I have found nothing that will take the stains out without also erasing the stain on the concrete. On top of that they are extremely profane while playing in the street in front of the house. They not only use the "F" word, but yell it so loud that you can hear it from 200 feet away. I hesitate to say anything to the parents as they, (in my estimation) are total whack jobs, and I fear retribution. On top of that, between all of them they have 5 cars and so one of them ends up parked on the edge of my driveway. That's not a real pain, except that they park over the curb. There used to be grass there but now it is nothing but bare dirt due to them parking on it. GRRRRR!!!!

I would stop every human being with an email account from forwarding emails that haven't been checked out on snopes.com.




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