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while getting something to eat. Finished the conversation. Ate the food. Later the phone rang and I couldn't find the receiver. Looked everywhere and finally gave up the hunt. Over the next few hours it continued to ring, people left messages. I figured that sooner or later the receiver would turn up. Later that afternoon i ordered in a pizza and went to the fridge for a beer. POW! I had put the receiver in there next to the butter. Is this a sign that I'm gettin' old? How many of you have had brain farts like this? 

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sheesh Lj, i think it kind of fun! It's certainly funny, don't you think? I was happy just laughing at myself. Anyway, what makes you think that no one cares about you? Even if it were true (which I doubt) so what? Why not be happy just being you?   

I think things like that are funny when my SO does them, but when I do them, it is not amusing.

Lj I've been stood up before, but decided that I'm better off without people in my life who would do things like that.  I'm sorry for your loss, but I think it is good that you are getting out and around.

Time heals.

slim, you always have such insightful replies.

Happens all the time to me michael. This afternoon I was working on a project on the deck and needed a hammer. This entailed me walking about 20 feet. I  needed to walk through the house and into the garage. I got about 15 feet and saw my sweetie in the kitchen. Totally forgot where I was going, and what I was doing. Had to walk back and look out the back door to remind myself that I needed a hammer.

You know you're in real trouble when you walk into the bathroom and wonder why you're there.




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