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Only two mammals are leprosy carriers humans and armadillos.  Look but do not touch.


Only about 5% of armadillos have leprosy & its not very contagious. A infected armadillo would most likely have to sneeze on you first & even then you still might not get it..add that a very high percentage of humans are immune to it, so the chance you are going to catch leprosy from a armadillo is pretty slim, but still possible. I think they are so cute..I want one, but dont keep wild animals ..they belong in their natural habitat.


The biggest killer of the armadillo is automobiles.  Armadillo has a natural defense intinct to jump up, which is deadly for them when cars go over them.


In the last few years dead armadillos have started to appear on the roads here in Tennessee. Twenty years ago it would have been totally unheard of. Wildlife officials blame climate change.

They are ant eaters and following the fire ants up north.


A lady called and asked how hot it is in Texas?

Well, I answered politely, it's so hot,
It's popping the deer feeder corn!
It's so hot, I've fried green tomatoes on the vine,
It's some of the hottest temperatures I've seen.
My perspiration smells like bacon fat,
And I saw a funeral procession stopped at a Dairy Queen.
My asphalt shingles melted and ran in my gutters,
And I thought I'd stepped in some chewing gum,
But it was only the sidewalk melting,
It's so hot I eat jalapenos to cool my tongue.
Now we get hot water from both faucets,
And I'd forgotten that asphalt has a liquid state.
There's not much I can do about it,
So for winter to come, I'll just have to endure and wait!




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