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Obviously I need some Rest & Rejuvenation - look what I just spent 3 hours doing-- but isn't it COOL?!

It's a TBD Wordle. Enjoy...




....let's expand this thread into anything that makes us think,


"How cool is this?!"


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The offical 2011 Texas Road Map.


I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!

Angharad - I thought YOU turned ME onto Wordle.net! If you didn't I've been giving you credit for it! '-)


I'm kinda weak in the knees. Just the thought of you and Anghrarad turning each other on leaves me... well, ya know.

mmm... yes. Angharad & I have a long history of turning each other on. We should've let you in on it ages ago.
Thanks, D.D.! Glad you like it! '-)

Okay.... let's expand this thread into anything that makes us think, "How cool is this?!"


and here's mine for the day...


The Elephant Sanctuary is only about 30 miles from my house but I have never been there. Mainly because it is not open to the public.
Wow! When I heard it was in TN I was wondering about making a trip there. Too bad it's not open to the public, but I'm sure that's best for the elephants. It's a cool story, isn't it?
Yes it is. They have had a few problems there in the last couple of years. One worker was killed when an elephant backed into them and crushed them against the wall. Then in the ever wise way of thinking that seems to go on in many organizations they fired the founder of the sanctuary. She is suing to be re-instated. Kind of reminds me of when Apple fired Steve Jobs.
Cool stuff Deez!




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