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Should someone elected by the majority of the votes be disqualified by failing to disclose the cost of glow lights used in campain video?

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you are talking about the texas a & m situation. the person who garnered the majority of the votes did not abide by the rules and was disqualified. what is so hard to understand about that? people may not LIKE that but you dont selectively enforce the rules. the same rules apply to every candidate for the position. (the reason rick perry chimes in is he is a texas alum and the disqualified candidate is the son of a republican large donor)

For those that don't know Rick Perry, he graduated from Texas A&M University, was twice legally elected TAMU Yell Leader, longest serving Governor of Texas, appointed all of the TAMU Board of Regient while Governor, co-piloted jet fly overs before Aggie football games and sat 21 seats on same row on the right side of me at Aggie football games.




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