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Do you get a lot of friendly junkmail? By this, I'm talking about emails sent to you by your friends that contain jokes, anecdotes, cartoons, petitions, spiritual messages, cute pictures. chain letters or words of wisdom.  Have you ever asked people to stop sending you this stuff? Do you enjoy getting it?

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When I first got internet service I had a friend that would forward all this stuff.  I often ended up deleting it without reading it.  I particularly got tired of the same old funny stories that, "really happened to an Aunt of hers".  The same story happened to a couple of other people who also forwarded these things to me.

I enjoy the jokes.

I send a 'blanket' email to everyone on my contact list about twice a year to remind them that I like jokes, cartoons, and family and friends' updates, but to please not send political propaganda, or religious and inspiring 'life' stories. I've already tried the 'forward this to 46 friends within 2 minutes and you will receive a surprise, a billion dollars, or maybe a prayer spatula at this same time tomorrow" thing and it never worked. Furthermore I really don't think the good Lord is keeping up with my emails or the internet for that matter. I have one dear friend who thanks me every time I remind him, but usually within about six weeks or so he starts with the uplifting religious stuff again. But I overlook him cause he's actually older than me and both our memories suck. He is real good at forwarding to 'all' and not deleting my name.

*Bless his heart*

My 'junkmail' life is far more exciting than my real life.   Some want to know if I need a penis enhancer...help with my colon....see pics of singles in my area.    Some want to let me know that a 'search' was sent about me.   And I can get some good drugs from Canada.    Mostly it's all crap.  I'm never tempted to open any of it but I do wonder where it all got started?

Personally my contact list is just all about business....family stuff.   They don't even use FB all that much.

I get a lot of ads from places that I've ordered stuff online.  I've clicked that little box that says 'don't send me stuff', but they send anyway.

I really like the ones that begin, "Dear Mister..."




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