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took a left turn? We are all, you and I, in the same boat. I never left TBD Q&A, but did spend more time elsewhere. Checked this site a few times and posted if something caught my attention. Never expected the cold shoulder I recieved, when I started posting again. You want a closed discussion site, so be it. After 2 days with 2 replies to my post, I know where the door is. Let me give props to the 2 gentlemen, who are savvy enough to know real problems, and courteous enough, to offer opinions. P.A. AND UBU...you guys are allright in my books! Got " Three Words " that come to mind for phoney's, but I'm also courteous enough, not to use them. Hopefully all is well with the clique. Wasn't part of it there, and damn sure won't be part of it here. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Thanks, he'll be fine

Medicine is amazing these days. He had one blocked artery, they cleared it, put in a stent and sent him home two days later. But, it's still scary, especially at age 50.

The best towards your brothers recovery Quinn...I know it's scary.
I read your post Craig, but didn't comment. I was a member of several unions over the years, and even voted vice president of a local chapter of the United Brotherhood Of Pulp Sulfite And Papermill Workers. I didn't comment because over the years, my opinions of unions has changed, and I'm not a big fan any more. I felt I was displaying common courtesy by not commenting on a matter where my opinions are so obviously at odds with the original poster. Believe me when I say, there are many threads started that I have no opinion on, or am at odds with the premise. Some threads last forever, but the vast majority of them die in a day or two. I cannot concieve how I, or anyone else, disrespected you by not posting.
Touchy subject TeeBubbaDee, with alot of people now I'm sure, they aren't what they used to be. I apologize for shooting from the hip, but that's me. I'm over it, kinda got a fiery temper, that doesn't bare it's head usually. when I'm pissed, that's another story. Trades unions were the backbone of building this country, more pissed at the decisions that are being made for us, then anything anyone did here. Peter J. McGuire is rolling over in his grave in Pennsauken, N.J.  

 I understand your feeling Craig.  It is like going to a party where you know no one and the others tend to gravitate towards their friends.

It is difficult to break the ice and your first attempts to mingle are usually not very successful. 

I don't think this is an attempt to shun anyone...it is just the way people socialize.

I'm a lurker and have been on TBD for years.  I would post rarely, but never got any response from anyone.  That didn't bother me, because I enjoy reading other people's thoughts and ideas more than participating.  TBD is like my morning newspaper.

Lately, I've posted more and people have begun to respond. 

I still lurk more than I post, but I really believe it is not the intention of this group to hurt or exclude anyone.

Keep mingling, it'll pay off and it sounds like you could use some friends right now.

Keep on lurkin' Faye.......some of our wit and delightful personality are bound to rub off on you. Then you jump in any time and be as irreverent and silly as the rest of us.
Yes, especially after a good bowel movement.
Sorry about your brother's health, Quinn. Very hard to deal with loved one's failing health, especially when they are so young. I have been called worse then an ass before, so I think I'll get over it, but I respect your opinion.




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