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You know that saying, "I have champagne taste on a beer budget?"

There are things I've seen or tried that have ruined me for going back to the 'norm.'

Like looking at granite countertops & then trying to settle on laminate.

Or, my ex, trying Parmigiano Reggiano... 

& then being unable to go back to regular ole' parmesan.

How about you? What have you seen or tried above your means that you wished you hadn't?

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Fresh heirloom garden tomatoes picked off the vine and sliced within minutes. For that matter, fresh garden anything. :)
Lake Champlain Chocolates.........................whine...................
I love a good single malt Scotch. I have several at home. One is Macallan 25 year old. I use that one for special occassions. Like when I'm thirsty. LOL (JK) It should have been enough for anybody.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Someone gave me a glass of Macallan 50 year old. I had a major battle between my brain, my senses and my wallet. I think approaching $10,000 per bottle is way too much. So I'll just sit back and cry into my glass. Of Macallan 25, that is.




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