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The FBI is reported to be following a lead to a new suspect to this fourty year old Hiacking.

Here is one of my favorite Artists singing about one of my favorite legends.


So, what do you think?

Do you support the effort to find DB Cooper? Even though no one killed, or even hurt.


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Great song!  Thumbs up!

If they find D.B alive, he won the game.  If he survived the jump, but has since died, he also won the game.  If he died on the jump, he still kinda won the game.

Yeah, deep down, I guess I would like to know what really happened.  But I'm also thinking, how much is this investigation gonna cost us, and maybe that money would be better spent on reducing the national debt.

Latest news says guy the FBI is lookng at has been dead 10 years.

I tend to agree, Sir.
Would you want to have been one of the passengers on a hi-jacked airplane?  No matter what his illusions of grandeur were, he acted in a criminal manner and should be treated so.  No sympathy from my peanut gallery.
There's a new book out...go figure.  :-}
I don't want him to be found, it would kinda of spoil the legend...

I agree, know one was hurt, and I realize in today' economy that $ $200,000 isn't a big deal,

BUT... there were laws broken.

BUT... A 40 year old $2000,000 case has probably cost the tax payers nearly that amount, if not more in chasing this guy is it really worth it??

And since this dude is probably dead by now, it makes no sense to spend more tax dollars to chase a ghost. 




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