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What would it cost to live there?

What is there to do at??

How does it compare with where I now live.

Here is a web site that has answers to almost anything  you want to know about almost anywhere in the US.


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Here you can compare your current area to just about any other area in the US in a hundred categories.


Did you know that it costs 1% less to live in Ocala, FL than it does in Pittsburgh, P?
Nope Robbie, I'll stay put.

Some day I hope to get up there to find out why.

My ex-wife gave a class on Finance for Non Finance Majors in Traverse City one time. Then she drove through a snow storm to ge to the next place she was contracted to speak. I think it was Detroit. I remember she wasn't exactly taken with the area.

Its a deceptively benign area, Robbie.  The winters can be rough, especially where schedules have to be met.  Lots of folks move up here, and move away again rather quickly.

More than anything, I think I enjoy the mix of people who stay here.  We have all kinds, and of course, many of them are seniors up here on The Leelanau.

The next five or so months will be beautiful, although much more crowded than the rest of the year.

Traverse City is our hub ....its our version of the "big city".  Its about a 45 minute drive down a two lane highway for me to get there two days a week to make a few bucks.

I hope your travels do bring you up here, Robbie, you'd be most welcome!


I have always thought about moving to New Orleans. I especially thought about it recently when I moved across the country. The only reason that I didn't is that their public school system is not great. Maybe when my daughter is older. Maybe.
I've thought about moving....new climate, new scenery.....I plan on doing so.

I've no plans to move...ever.

You must really love where you live Faye..It must be nice....
I live in a beautiful spot.  I don't have a camera right now, but maybe I could figure out how to take a picture with my phone.
If you cant find your instructions, they should have them on-line & the downloading ins. too.....It would be nice to see a pic Faye. You could get a throwaway camera maybe...they are pretty cheap these days....




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