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Did your college have a School of ‘pubic affairs’ ?

2012 graduates of The University of Texas commencement program refered to the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Pubic Affairs.

Susan Binford, assistant dean for communications at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, says that students will be issued new copies of the commencement program.

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Where I went to school we kept our affairs private.

I am with you Bob.

I actually went to college at Austin Peay State University. It was named for a former governor of Tennessee, Austin Peay. The chant at all sporting events was "Let's go Peay"

Texas has two universities named after a former Tennessee governor.  Sam Houston University and The University of Houston.

I didn't go to college. But if I did,I guess I would be proud of my pubes being addressed in the commencement. 

Heh.....I guess it might have been done as a joke.....heck I thought it was funny.   Sadly, misspellings now pop up from top to bottom.


I think a friend of a friend of lawyer's kids dingo did it.

It appears you have unlimited possibilities if you attended the school of pubic affairs.

My HS did...it was held every Friday night after the game/dance on Lovers Lane.....:-)

Copy editing is becoming a lost art.




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