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Can't think of a question...but here is an answer

...And the answer is............the speed of light..

Got a question?

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MR BUBBA  do yuo think that that This Court can see thru yuor clever disgiuse?

 (Exibit A)

I told the Judge, "You can't blame a guy for trying."

The Judge said, "That depends on what you try."

The judge stepsdown do to a conflict of interest. She wil be marrying Mr. Bubba three lives from now.

      After the lives wher she marrys Suse and then marrys My Beloved (Suse asked first.)

Case Dismised! Deputy release Mr. Bubba into the custady of Mrs. DeeBubbaTee.

Doin the happy dance!


Yes Dear, I admit that I also love DD.

TeeBubbaDee my brian is tired, can we all hold hands and dance in a circle? Wil yuo ask yuor Granbaby to lead, I bet he remembers how?

I would ask him DD, but he's kinda tired right now.

ahhh..TeeRascleDee safe in yuor arms..beautiful.

I wore him out at the playground!

OK, He actually wore himself out, but I had a great time watching him.

awwwwwwwwwwww how nice is that?

My answer to just about everything is . . .Read the instructions.




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