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Can't think of a question...but here is an answer

...And the answer is............the speed of light..

Got a question?

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Only if you have eyes in the back of your head cause a "rear" view mirror should be behind you.

That view was a lot better twenty years ago.

So...you were checking yourself out???

Come on Bob, have you ever known a woman who didn't check herself out?  We have to...it's part of the contract.

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs / gifs glossary

And the answer is,

If I could I would...

That's a question.....

No Your Honor, I never said that to the nice police officer.

Mr. Bubba did yuo tell Sargent Ima Lonley to get in the bac of yuor van?

No, but I did ask her to rub my belly.

Did yuo get a bisket?

No Your Honor, At no time did I eat Sargent Ima Lonley's bisquit. 




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