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After a lifetime of being right hand dominant I wondered what I could or should do to maintain use of both of my limbs.  I've heard it said that it's good to alternate use of one's hands to ensure good brain function.   I have a daughter that is left handed...*who knows where that came from*.  She has always said she thinks with the "right" side of her brain.

So, as an experiment along with a willing partner, I entertained myself for 24hrs approaching everything I did using my "non-dominant" hand.  Let me tell you...it was a complete exercise in hilarity..

Try it...for fun...brush your teeth, cut your meat, eat your cereal...put your pants/panties/underthings on using your non-dominant hand for a day.....LMK....post pictures....videos would be great!

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Considering your camera wouldn't behave, your editing was very good, or did you just start over a multitude of times? Whatever, a very enjoyable piece. ;-D
Bravo Ms Farquar
Day-yam but that Ms Farquar goes pretty well armed!

Uh, what was she talkin' about there, anyway?
To think that I have been wasting my days watching things like the Discovery Channel and films like Coyote Ugly when just down the road lives this fabulous actress who can make the everyday world of physical science interesting. Could you make some more educational films? I'm looking for an on line degree in impractical studies. Will that help me get a better job?

Oh yeh. Maybe you should explain how wearing spike heals when mowing the lawn is a "Green" method of aerating the lawn. Goes hand in hand with the push mower.

To be serious for a change. Great Job Pru.
The infamous red kimono got both sides of my brain working!
Uh, Pru, Could you get your uncle "Red Green" to autograph some duct tape for me?
Outstanding, are you sure you didn't have Steve Goth doing the cinematorgaphy?
It was good, really.
I think I may have done permanent damage laughing and then falling off the couch. I'm sure Sundance will be calling. Very good Pru.
Did you finish mowing the yard??
See....not a waste after all.....
Mowing, Hell - Where did you get the purple grass?




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