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I 've been around a while.  Learned to crawl, walk, run.  Ride a bike and roller skate.

I've had my share of boo-boos too.  Never broke a big bone but fractured my nose once and had a fractured rib....results of good fun gone awkward.

I've had stitches here and there from surgery but none  needed from slicing a bagel or chopping veggies...or playing mumblypeg.

So I was thinking...every scar has a story.  Can you recall how you got that one on your knee or the back of your arm...What were you doing?   Where you afraid to tell Mom?



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I know.... it was an old post, just catchin up, tough being a newbie all over again.  Excellent choice of cheese, goes good with the beer. ;)
One scar across my eyebrow from pulling the television over on myself when I was 3.  The scar that curls up along my ring finger on my right hand from when I got pulled off a chain link fence at 13 and practically severed the finger (22 stitches on that one).  One carpal tunnel scar on my left hand.  An abdominal scar from an ectopic pregnancy...the docs think it's beautiful...I disagree.  A 1 inch scar under my chin from an abscessed tooth gone bad. Damn, I am scarred up!
But the stories behind the scars are great ;-)
What's mumblypeg?




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