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....what are your Super Bowl plans?


I've stocked in lots of junk food (yeah, I know that's all I eat anyway), and will probably read a book, and kinda watch the game, until halftime.


At halftime, however, the book will be put aside, and I'll give my undivided attention to watching the Black Eyed Peas perform.


And I'm really, really hoping that Fergie experiences "Wardrobe Malfunction".


Hey, it could happen.  It did before



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I am a old dudette who will most likely throw a good Horror movie in the dvd player if company doesn't stop by.....The Market had a special going..Buy two Red Baron pizzas for 11.98 & get a bottle of pepsi, box of Bryers Ice Cream, Tyson chicken nuggets, & some garlic & parmasian dippers (Like garlic toast for dipping) for free.

Buy two packs of hot dogs & get Briquetts free...I got good angus beef 2 for 1 w/ no nitrates & still got  briquettes free. I got two other packs of hot dogs thinking they went with the deal & they told us to go get another free bag of briquettes, so I got 2 free bags of briquettes. I bought some pork chops & ribs buy 1 get 1 free & gave them the mkt coupon...5.00 off 30.00....And came out of the market like a champ....I didn't plan a party, but I have enough food for one now...Whoo Hoo


Can I watch the game with you? I'll bring my own beer.

You can park the RV in the back yard...Doors open.
Caseyjo....I know I'm old....but that was confusing as Hell!!
She's a good shopper....bang for the buck!
Ha ha...It confused the heck out of us too, but we came out like bandits in the end....
caseyjo, watch 'I Spit On Your Grave' and 'Basket Case' if you are doing the horror movie night rather than the football game.
Good Morning, funes!
How are you? We must have a lot of energy to be up so early on the weekend.
Jacques Young the cat acts as an alarm clock, weekdays and weekend days.  Its all the same to him.  He gets nervous when his dish is empty.  Whaddya gonna do?
Buy a pet rock?
Your not going to believe this......I have actually seen "basket case" more than once..Pretty sure You-tube still has it in parts.....




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