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A skunk must have ambled by my open bedroom windows about 4:00AM this morning.






I'll tell ya, that woke me up!



Any skunk stories to share out there?



How 'bout any stories regarding human and wild critter encounters?



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I don't encounter a lot of critters in my neck of the woods. The occasional mouse [eek] and a bat once. Do you know how long a bat can live without food and water?
Eight days.

O, when I first moved to this house the woman next door knocked one day and said I had a racoon living under my porch and that she would "take care of it, if that was okay with me." I said sure. I should have asked exactly how she planned to "take care of it." An hour later I hear a gunshot. The neighbor on the other side had no idea what was going on and he called the police...
Hahahaha! Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.
Is that the same woman who was video taping you a few months ago?
No, different person.
The video taper is gone. YAY!
I live in the semi-county. There are lots of deer, turkeys, goundhogs and other critters but I have not seen a skunk. I do have lovely smell outside today though. They started paving the street in front of my house yesterday. The smell of asphalt is not a lovely smell but it will go away in a day or two.
When I was a kid we used to get pieces of the new road asphalt and chew them, like gum. A kid in the next grade up from me said it was OK.....who was I to question my elders?
Oh yes, the fun of skunks. I would have to say the morning I let my dogs in, I could smell the skunk outside but had no idea that one of my dogs had been sprayed. It took weeks to get the smell out of her, every time she got warm from running the smell would come wafting off of her.
I don't have any dogs, so the skunks have free passage across my property. Thats not to say they didn't have some sort of confrontation somewhere else in the neighborhood. I've heard that bathing a dog with tomato juice helps offset the skunk odor.
"Skunk stories"?

I do a damn good Pepe le Pew impersonation. That's about all I got, though.
Does it work for ya?
I found a recipe online of a homemade concoction of peroxide, dish soap and something else, it helped a little.




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