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after 3 months of hustling my own work, and I got the call. Building a bridge by Atlantic City, life just got bettter. Except the hour and twenty minute ride and 6AM START! Oh well, been there, done that, history repeats itself. All kidding aside, hope things are starting to move this economy forward for everyone. Time to get to work, I'll pop in when I can, but with close to a 12 hr. day may be absent during the job. All the best my friends!  


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Congratulations, unions are a good thing.
That's really good news
All the best, Craig!
Sounds great Craig, I'll miss seeing you but will know you are working hard!!
Good for you, Craig! If you have time on the weekends I hope you'll keep us posted.
Good luck, Craig.
Congrats. Build it real purdy-like.




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