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No....NOT "milk of magnesia".

Due to the enforced "Hallmark" holiday this Sunday...

Honor the real life Mom you had...

..or the not so real life Mom you would have liked to have.


MY mother...Emily, was a hoot.  Simple, plain and very funny.

She liked to sing.  Secretly wanted to be a professional singer. She looked a bit like Peggy Lee.

She would sing while she was cooking and tap out a rhythm with a butter knife on the counter or the cookie jar or the stove top.

She would say what I now call "Emilyisms" that sometimes took years for me to figure out.









PICK ME..!!!!





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LOL!   My Mom too,  if she knew how to type...which I don't know if she did.   Wish I could have one more day with her..before the dementia took over.   I have so many things to ask her......
My Mom ws a tomboy. When I was in grade school she could kick(Punt) a football farther than any of us boys.She played on womens basketball teams.  She worked in the shipyards in Pittsburg as a scaler(using a wire brush to clean the edges of steel plates in front of the welders) building LSTs during WW 2. On another thread, I put a picture of her with a racoon that she had shot in her garden when she was in her early 80s. She was a great cook and could bake bread that was to die for. It was easy to tell when she baked bread because there would always be 5 or 6 of my friends sitting around waiting for it to come out of the oven. She believed that blacks were people just like the rest of us. This did not make her popular with some of our southern friends, but sure influenced me and made my life a lot easier in the military. She loved to travel and visited me and my family where ever we were stationed including Europe. I miss her.
That was a wonderful pic of your Mom.   I imagine she was not a woman to reckon with!
I loved reading about your mom, Robbie - you are very lucky. Where's the pic??
Wow, Faye - my paternal grandmother was a survivor like that & also worked for a butcher & was a seamstress!




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