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What colors define you?

You don't have to respond in poetic form.
Have fun playing with words or definitions.

What colors define Me...

Red for life and a loving heart
which cupid struck with his unerring dart
Blue for peace and endless skies
and the eloquence of his eyes

Violet for spirituality and a vivid imagination
which spurs deeper sensations

Orange for the splendid hues of Autumn
and an intellect with no bottom

White for my guradian angel's wings
in God I trust..not in what money brings.

Yellow for the Philippine sun and summer fun
and carnival tents pitched by smiling nuns.

(Note: I wrote this poem in '05)

These are the colors of ME...
Now share with me the colors of You

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Scarlet for my passions which run deep
Green for the fertile Goddess of my soul
Pink for my feminity,my girlie-ness
Yellow for the bright, playful child who is at my side, holding my hand
Turquoise blue for my imagination,endless as the summer sea
Purple for my inquisitive creative core........

I am my own rainbow :-)
I love it. I love it. =-) You go Lily.
ok why can't I edit ...grrr...make them femininity please...lol
Savannah Smiles, I think you ought to publish this. I'm about to use it as in example in class (with or without your permission) this Sept. lol What can I say...OMG, this is fantastic.
I reread your poem several times. I have a natural affinity for colors. Sometimes I think I could understand its nuances better than words.

One color stood out in your poem that I am still trying to figure out:
Flesh for my Carelessness
Can you elaborate?

.....Maybe 'things of the flesh' makes ones careless sometimes.
I love your use of mango for warmth. If I were on aol, I'd probably be creating a new screen name, Mango Dreams. I used to have a habit of changing sns periodically.

Actually, maybe I should change my TBD name to Mango Dreams.......nah!
Blue for my faith and trust
Peach for my childishness
Black for my severe shortcomings
Rust for my love of life and my friends here
very nice KBeen, it wasn't too hard. lol
Welcome aboard. I am ecstatic to see you.
interesting explanation.......When I hear flesh, I think of pigs.
Oner summer while I was visiting the Philippines, I watched the butchering of pig, a traumatic experience for me. That pig was 'flesh' color. After that, I grew not to like the color flesh too.
This is excellent!!
Mauve...for the middle-ground of being "strong" and "weak" simultaneously...
Evergreen...for my connectedness to the earth...and my functionality...

That's ME!
nice color relevance.... mauve reminds me of the twilight hrs
I was trying to be creative, and just explain "ME"...I think too much!!! I so love your posts!!!




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