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Pretty soon (if not already) you will think of me as a stuck record...I get stuck saying "my mood depends" "this depends on my current mood" What I like and am listening to today...I might not be in the mood for it tomorrow..
So...what type of music do YOU like? Post a list of 5 that you like, less if there aren't many...and if you are like me...I'm giving myself a limit of 10 (tho its probably more!).

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classic rock
country music older than 1993 (for some reason, it turned into pop music then...)
a capella
Classic Rock
New Age
Hard Rock
I was able to narrow it down, thinking some of the others I like could be covered in these catagories
Hi Jan. I like differant types of music but my favorit are the oldies. 50's 60's some 70's.
Giving away my age here. LOL
Hi Carmen...Not really, I've seen people from a lot of different ages that enjoy the music of those years...I know a 22 year old guy where I chat that loves the music of the British Invasion era....thats about all he listens to.
Classic Rock
A cappella Choral (especially Renaissance & 20th Century)
All Renaissance
Doo Wop
A cappella mens vocal of all kinds
Smooth Jazz, especially after a long week
Contemporary Christian
Classic Rock from the 70's and 80's

oh, and anything that will allow for romance and that goes well with candles, soft lights and wine...
Jam Bands (Grateful Dead, Ratdog)
Classic Rock (esp. Rolling Stones)
i like the 60's 70's and 80's rock and roll music and 50's 60's 70's and 80's country music like mike said anything pasted that is'nt country.
soft rock



classic rock





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