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Any ideas about what you wanna do while you are here? I'm would really like to have a lunch or dinner here at my place. I guess it would really depend on how many people show though. I have a kitchen table, and a dining room table that I think we could seat at least 10, and probably 12.(eating at couches and coffee tables would add another 4, and for the adventurous that can eat off their lap, probably another 4 or 5.  And if the weather cooperates I could seat at least another 10 or 12 outside. 

Let us know what you would like to do while here. (other than going to the nude beach, Deez didn't think that was a good idea)

There is a local strip club (and I'm NOT KIDDING, the name is MY ATLANTIS) that has a free buffet from 12 to 3 if you are into cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent rolls. Yum!!

Just let us know what ya wanna do in Fl in Feb!!!

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Nope, My plans have changed. I'm having problems with my windshield wipers so I'm sitting in the Escapee's park between Tampa and Ocala. I have found the name of the company that makes the module that I need. I haven't contacted them yet so don't know if they still make them, or a suitable substitute. The Company that built my RV went bankrupt and has been out of business for about three years now. So rather than take a chance on getting stuck down in the clearwater area I'm thinking about a motel. I have 20 some free nights here from when I worked for Escapees last year, so I can leave the RV here and it won't cost me anything. I also have one free night at a La Quinta, so I'm looking at one in Clearwater. Then of course there is the problem of hauling the dog around. I plan to work out the logistics Mon and Tue. Ahhh! the carefree life of a full time RVer.(:>) Oh and I am pretty sure I'm going to take a 20 hour a week position here for the months of March and April.  

Okay, gang - whatcha wanna do? Besides hanging out @ Teebs & Mrs. Teebs' place, would you like to meetup at a park or at the beach or something?

We're meeting at Carrabba's in Clearwater for dinner on Friday night, the Teebs' on Saturday night & Sunday night. 

But we could meet up at midday or in the afternoon somewhere if you'd like.

I know Ducatiman & I want to get some bike riding in, but we can do that one of the mornings, and if anyone wants to join us they can. 

Hey, Teebs - if that lend of Laurie & Ramone's bikes is still on, how might we transport them to the Pinellas Trail? Any ideas?

And if anyone is interested in doing some walking or running on the beach, I'm game for the former, and D-man's game for the latter. Again, those are things we can do in the mornings.

I'm a beach person but I'm up for almost anything. 

I just put the Dominos in the car so I won't forget them.

Yay - Thanks, Robbie! Hey - do you have a bike rack?

Robbie - are you coming down w/out your RV?

nm - just read your post a few posts up ^ ^ ^ 

Don't worry about Happy - I'm sure b/t all of us we can take care of him!

 Reply by d's girl yesterday

Hey, Teebs - if that lend of Laurie & Ramone's bikes is still on, how might we transport them to the Pinellas Trail? Any ideas?

Hmmmm, that may be problematic d's. I scrapped my van a couple of weeks ago, and Laurie just traded in their Honda Element yesterday for a Honda Fit. The bikes MAY have fit in the Element, but no way will they fit in the Fit. (no pun intended)

My step-mom taught me a card game called Hand & Foot when she was here earlier this week. Anybody know that one?

Wanna play it while we're together. It takes one more deck than teams of 2 playing, so we'll need several decks of cards. I can bring 3 or 4 if need be. 

Like Rita, Carol and I are up for just about anything. Just spending time with all of you will make us happy.


Oh yeah, Larry and Carol are fine as long as they have a lint roller to "play" with.

I'll let Larry explain that one.  ;-O

Oh, yes - the LINT ROLLER! It had slipped my mind JUST how rowdy this crowd might get!!

...do they 'play' with the lint roller in front of people?

I've never played Hand and Foot, but the old folks at the RV parks all play it. Should be appropriate for this crew.

It doesn't require memory does it?

BTW I have the dominos in the car. and a Liars Dice game. So, rain or shine we are ready. I do have a bike rack. but it only hauls two bikes. Maybe I can take you to the trail and drop you off.




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