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Here is a link to local hotels. 



I only checked a couple, Holiday Inn Express, and Hampton Inn. Mainly because both of these are about 1/2 way between my house and the beach. (probably a little closer to the beach) I figure they are both approx. 5 miles from my place. The prices in Feb. are kinda steep, because it is in the middle of tourist season. The Hampton is $118 a night, and the Holiday Inn varies from $106 to $110, but if you book early you get a 20% discount. You may want to check out the amenities of both, or check out other hotels on the list.

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Oh, Sarah's looks muchmuch nicer than the Granger House!

Just doin my job.
Quinn, Did you get rates for either place?

Sarah's only does weekly.

Grangers is $300.00 per night

That sounds steep Quinn, but it's on the beach, and Feb, is peak tourist season. I guess it would depend on how many it would sleep, and how many TBD'ers wanted to stay there.

Hi, gang! It's getting close - our Largo Meetup is only a few short weeks away!

Our flights are booked & car rental is reserved, but now I need to get my butt in gear & make hotel accommodations.

Have others booked places yet? I'm hoping we can stay either in the same place, or at least the same area.

So far I've found a nearby Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn Express, running $108-$117/night.

I would not normally consider this, but in my search a modest, old-fashioned 1950's motel came up nearby that has very good reviews. It's the same one Teebs found a few months ago. I've talked to the manager & feel confident that it's a clean, safe, well-kept place that snowbirds stay in. I'm posting it here instead of the "Motel" thread in order to keep accommodation conversation in one place. 

Any ideas, suggestions, etc.?

oh, duh....

The motel I referred to is called the D & F Pathways Motel. Here's info on it-



It's about 5 miles from Teebs' house.

I still haven't ruled out pitching a tent in Teebs' backyard.

Okay, Ducatiman, the camper in this duo, replied simply, "no." to the tent-pitching idea. sheesh.

Well, it narrows down the decision-making at least.




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