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              I am starting a new thread here mainly for purposes of my own catharsis. It is my intention, at least at this point, to make regular contributions. Of course, if anyone else has anything to add, they are more than welcome. If you have any input, please contribute.

              Over a year ago I decided to deal head-on with my self-diagnosed adult attention disorder, (ADD). The inability to stay focused was becoming too stressful. I found myself sitting around watching the clock tick, yet I couldn’t keep “on task” with any project I started. Nothing was getting done and just starting something was becoming depressing.

              The smart thing to do was probably to get professional help, so instead I decided to try to heal myself, at least as a first try. Cognitive therapy and pharmaceuticals (UGH) might be the approved way to go but I decided to try meditation first.

              18 months and countless self-help books later, I still can’t bring myself to a regular, formal meditation program. But, along the way, I discovered informal mindfulness. Yes, I know it is the “Fad” right now. It is hard to navigate modern social trends without “tripping over” somebody extolling the benefits of mindfulness.

              Let me add my voice to the chorus.

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"Loving kindness is the ability to see the humanity in people we don't know and the pain in people we find difficult."  ~  Sharon Salzberg

"Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough presence."  ~  Eckhart Tolle

"How do you let go of attachment to things? Don't even try. It's impossible. Attachment to things drops away by itself when you no longer seek to find yourself in them."  ~  Eckhart Tolle

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"Striving for self-esteem is about trying to feel special, above average. It's absurd. We don't need to feel extra-special or over the top. We need to touch who we really are in any given moment."  ~  Mindfulness Online

"Why pay so much attention to your imagination when reality is for the realizing right now."  ~  Adyashanti

You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago."  ~  Alan Watts

Listen to understand a person, not just to reply to him.

"If we are always trying to get there, then it's very difficult to enjoy here."  ~  Everyday Mindfulness

"When you don't understand the nature and origin of your thoughts, your thoughts use you. When the Buddha recognized the nature of his mind, he reversed the process."  ~  Might Rinpoche

"Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."  ~  Pema Chodron

"You shouldn't try to cast fear out. Instead, fear should be regarded as the kindling to build a big fire of fearlessness. You have to realize fear as the starting point of fearlessness. You have to make friends with fear."  ~  Chatham Trungpa




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