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If I didn't like cats, I would be embarrassed. :-(

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Be afraid. 

Very Afraid!!

Good one, thanks for posting!

Copied from another thread in Forum Discussions. Hope you like it as much as I did.

I agree. I watch CNN a lot, and never saw this story. True or not, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. 

Hmmm. took a minute to google the story, and it appears legit. Here is an NBC news report.


Awwww, now I'm all warm and fuzzy again!

Notice the date on the story at the link above - 5/10/2005.  I looked up the story yesterday because I was curious how they knew where the dog found the baby.  The story I found (lost the link now) briefly referred to the child as still surviving nine years later.  It is a feel good story but connects me more to the mother dog than the mother humans and the culture she lives in.  Abandoning female newborns has been a practice common to many cultures through history.

lol, very funny video.  I see this everyday at my house.   Our cat is a bada$$.  I told the family I am changing his name to Tupac.

That's my kinda cat!!!!!

You Too?  I just thought that video was edited together too slickly, with too many perfect camera angles. How many security cameras were in operation on this property and where were they all aimed to ensure all of this was captured?  I didn't want to voice my doubts because I am always the negative cynic that brings down other people feel-good stories, but since you brought it up....  I'm going to go on ATS (www.abovetopsecret.com/) and check it out.  They have a huge collection of paranoid users who routinely put such things under the microscope of believability


From what I read, the boy's father could not believe what the cat did, so after the fact , he went back and checked his video cameras. What you saw, was what he pieced together from his cameras' Looks like only two cameras were used. The angles appear to be constant. I believe the video is real. Putting 3 video clips together is fairly easy to do. Also, look at the time stamp on each clip.

Actually I do accept that it is probably authentic.  There certainly are people with both security cameras and the skills to edit the video.  And I did check the time/date stamps closely.  My natural (and sometimes over-reactive) skepticism arose because it looked to me like there were 3 camera angles and that seemed like overkill. How many more cameras were mounted on the property to make sure every square inch was covered. Then again, there are people who don't feel safe until all approaches are covered.

Kudos to the cat anyway! Although I am not sure if it was motivated by the need to protect the boy or just a desire to chase the dog away.  My dad once had a cat that routinely chased dogs of all sizes out of the yard.




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