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At some stage, most people come to realize the amazing

and very often profound effect that animals can have

on our mood and emotions and there are some pretty

incredible but also true stories of how medical scientists

are discovering some animals that can actually detect

the beginnings of disease in humans in the very early

stages of onset.

Our animals can also be trained to help and support

many of us that have disabilities, especially for those

who have lost their sight.

Animals can `feel emotion' just like we humans can,

besides loving, nurturing and caring for their own young.

So let us enjoy our animals and pets by sharing our photos,

pictures and graphics of them all,

the long, the short and the tall.

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FARMER (boasting): I've got thousands of cows.

VISITOR: That's a lot of cows.

FARMER: And that's not all. I've also got thousands of bulls.

VISITOR: That's a lot of bull.




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