It has come to my attention that very young children add a "Y" sound to many familiar words when they talk. For example,a fish is a fishy, a horse a horsy,a dog a doggy, a cat becomes a kitty cat or a pussy cat and a wabbit a bunny wabbit..and so on and so on. .
I've noticed foods are pronounced with no difficulty by these toddlers like jelly belly , scallopini. cacciatore,and broccoli rollatini. It's that "Y" sound at the end. Even saying the Basillica of San Francesco d' Asissi is child's play, along with a sissy, wee wee ,pee pee, and poopee.
My favorite song as I recall as a young tyke was the itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini. The words just dribbled out of my lips. Sake and daiquari outnumber milk by 3 to 1 in toddler consumption according to a recent Quinnipiac survey.
A mouse named Mickey and a NY Met named Dickey are spoken with ease among this very young generation. While most are not familiar with a hickey or a lime rickey , when it comes to the birdies and the bees, they have no problem talking about a quickie.