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I went to msn.com this morning as usual to scan the headlines.

Under the Fox Sports section, one of the headlines reads:

Mired in scandal, will Tiger do Oprah?

Well, I suppose he's done everyone else.... Lol!

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4 have surfaced so far. If I were his wife, I would feel pretty humiliated rigtht now. His wife is beautiful, and I don't understand how Tiger could cheat on an awesome wife like that.
Hmm... Fox might just be useful for comedy if I got really desperate. ;) Tiger has been living in my hometown of Asheville where he is working on building his first US golf course and where the accident happened. From what I've heard around town, his $$$ backers are still behind him on the project. This is one of the local takes on it, pretty informative if you read the highlighted word links too.
With Tiger Wood's balls in the weeds...:




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