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I have noticed that during the past decade there seems to be a move by the religious community to discredit Government help for the poor.

During the Bush Administration there was a "Faith Based Initiative" where Bush tried very hard to get the government to provide funds to the churches to help the poor. That program didn't seem to work too well and has seemingly been discontinued.

Lately, I hear my religious friends and clergy harping about how inefficient the government is and how much money they waste.

This caused me to wonder if there weren't some  built in reasons that Churches would like to see more poor people.



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What about them?  There's plenty of room, plenty of need.  Many businesses do much good work in the communities in which they do business.  When I worked for a not for profit and was in the business of asking for things/help, rarely did a business turn me down.  They build good will among the people who are their customers and they give back to the community that enables them to thrive.  Right now most are just trying to stay alive amid the turmoil/regulations/uncertainty.




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