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Who are society's scapegoats?

(photos and/or text responses welcome)


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Unions, immigrants, non-believers and the Poor - As usual.


Out of the 535 lawmakers in the US congress only two are Muslims serving in the House of Representatives. The first, Keith Ellison, was elected from Minnesota in 2006. The second, from Indiana, is André Carson. He followed Ellison into the house two years later.


Carson said the fact he was a Muslim never turned into a negative, but he did have to face opponents who attempted to tap into some of the fears and misconceptions many Americans have about Islam.


“It [the campaign] became a platform once again to show that Muslims are people,” Carson said. “Many Muslims care about the country, about the great Hoosier state, about the economy, the foreclosures, and the war in Iraq. At the end of the day, white, black, red, or yellow it doesn’t matter what religion you are. People are concerned about what you are going to do to address their needs.”   http://muslimvoices.org/life-muslim-politician/


Don't forget that a big part of the Obama bashing besides the race ticket is that his name alludes to a Muslim background which terrifies most Americans. We aren't as terrified having a Jewish president as we are having a Muslim as president. ( I prefer not to have either be president.)



excellent scapegoat article:  http://www.lewrockwell.com/north/north111.html

blaming "the system".....hmmmm who created the system in the 1st place?
(sigh) Teachers
What a GOOD question Mari.  And it is one that can be addressed subjectively and objectively.

I have to give this one some thought! Right off the bat - I'd say the middle class ! :))

Diana, nice to have you back.


I think most individuals who refuse to play within the mindset of their society's status quo becomes a potential scapegoat....the question now is "How has our status quo changed over the years?"

Those who refuse to go along with the majority.

Scapegoats refers to those who are taking the blame for societies woes.  At present, everyone is blaming

the rich. Especially if they are Repulican with big corporate ties. I think we should look to ourselves, the majority,

and make our changes there.

Anyone want to comment here?




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