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Hey there Kimberly and Jozee! Josephine & Patricia!  How nice to see you here :)  We sure are glad to welcome new members and hope you find a comfy chair and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or "something" soothing because with all the crazy in this world we need something comforting for sure. Feel free to post and enjoy a nice chat too. Life's interesting, Glad to have you. 


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Glad to be here Nancy. Missed you!

Actually I'm Josephine too. Changed back to Jozee.

Welcome! :-)

Thank you Jozee!!  I wondered about that. lol...Just happy to see you here :) Hoping all is well.

I remember this group from Eons, or am I imagining that? Glad to be here. I was Lovesgift on Eons.

Yes it was. The group was also in BV.

No why did I miss it in BV? LOL  The old mind must be playing those tricks on me again.

The group was called I Coulda Told You That.




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