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I might've posted this here on TBD before, if so apologies. Anyway this really happened to me:

About 5 years ago, I was waiting at the end of a long line at the pharmacy for my prescription. Didn't feel like playing games or whatever on my phone, so I was just standing there bored. Another 60ish woman comes in and gets in line behind me. Few min. later, another 60ish woman and a little girl get in line behind her. The woman right behind me--let's call her Woman1--says to the woman w/the little girl--W2--"Do you know much about cell phones?" W2 says, "Wellll, a little bit." W1 says "Well this odd message has popped up on my phone's screen & I don't have a clue what it means. Do you happen to?" W2 looks at it & says, "Oh, dear, no I don't; I'm sorry." About then, the little girl with W2 who had wandered a few feet away to look at a shelf, comes back to W2's side. W1 says to W2, "Is that your grand-daughter? She's adorable." W2 smiles & says, "Why yes she is." W1 says to little girl "Hi, there sweetie. I have a granddaughter who's probably about your age; she's 7. Is that your age?" Little girl smiles & says, "Yeah! I am 7!" W1 says, "Good! Then you'll know what this is on my phone." and shows it to her. Little girls looks at it & says "Oh, yeah; that's not a big deal, it just means [I forget what she said]. Want me to clear it off for you?" And W1 took her up on it. So always ask the youngest person in the vicinity for help with this stuff.

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They are amazingly smart with electronics.

My granddaughter had to show me some things on my phone and remote.

I have a picture of one of our granddaughters putting contact names and numbers on my husband's phone for him. She was a little older than 7, but she certainly was good help.

My grandson...now 28,is making a very good living as a computer whiz. Started still in diapers, sitting on his mom's lap clicking the mouse on Mickey's image on the old computer. Never know where it will lead.




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