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Okay all, here's a theme from a year ago from TBD Prime: Moon and Hair
I'll start with my 'ku from back then...

moonlight through window
her curly blond mound glistens
perfect landing strip

(pic is just incentive...)

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my hands in your hair,
i arch my back. moonlight gleams
on my proffered breasts
the full moon rises
he sleeps, moonlight in his hair...
dreaming of her love
In thistledown hair
Moonlight makes a cloud appear
Blotting out the stars
a full moon rising
glistening, blond hair beckons
soft, gentle caress
Around the camp fire
Full Moon spotlights our grey hair --
Where did THAT come from??
caught in the glisten
tis the reflecting blue moon
where once was my hair
Ha! Or is that "ouch"?! :>) Much love to you Drew!!!!
hoarsely moon whispers
(gulping her hair of the dog)
"it will be new now"




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