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This is in counterpoint to Chez Moi's discussion...or is it??

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cake, yeast, holes, bear claws
long johns,danish, & crullers
treasures in each bite
What's a Long John? (Exposing my pastry dumb-itude :>))
long johns, often filled
cream, custard or a jelly
I order them plain
Reality is
at best, a collective hunch.
Write when you get work.
Love this, brujo. The note would say: "42."
When you dream of loss
and awaken safe in bed
is it then not loss?
It feels like loss...

i dreamt you had died
emptiness devouring all
when i woke, i wept
Screw reality
give me the moon beyond me
it shines more brightly.
...we can unscrew :)

We create reality
Pleasure, pain and in-between
Uncreate is bliss!




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