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The flip side of joy...can't seem to have one without the other. Any kind...5/7/5 it.

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so true, artslady
all pain is not physical
our minds can suffer

physical results
of emotional trauma
manifest themselves
Wasps nest in the brush
I feel the tenacious claws
Brisk shake. Too late. Stung.
A bee in the bush
can lead to not so good point
without a swell end
Some pain is quite sweet.
The scratching of a bug bite.
A coincidence
I posted these in 'Four Lines'
Now I find this thread

I am feeling numb
No poetic images
spring into my mind

My heart is on hold
waiting to see what life brings
in the days to come

Putting on the smile
everyone expects of me
boosting the morale

Yet I can't be still
words come slowly, grudgingly
admitting the pain
truer words...Chez Moi
as always, so eloquent
expressing what is

wandering in shock
like an accident victim
with a concussion

going through motions
continuity machine
mind and heart elsewhere

Pain bites at the heart,
The more the pain eats away,
the less left to hurt
a small little piece
left untouched slowly blossoms
with right conditions
got wisdom teeth out
bloody drooling, then the pain
thanks for vicodin...

(two lower teeth pulled yesterday)
sky tumbles upward
blood oozes between clasped hands
sticky warm tongue heals
band saws whipping wild
fingers in a baseball cap
don't work in a mill!
Hugs, Baby Dodger. These are fine.




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